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54286.jpg|Sofubi Figure Dio was born the son of Dario Brando, an alcoholic and abusive father who he secretly despised—in part for having caused pain to his mother. DIO dons a jacket with a tight tank-top underneath, as well as chaps with an exposed crotch. Uppercutting them into the air, he finishes by smashing their frozen form to bits between his hands while laughing (replicating Dire's defeat). Abused by his father, being underpriviledged and having lived in the most miserable living conditions,[8] Dio set for himself the goal of becoming the richest, then the most powerful being on Earth. All damage to him aside from Ripple-based will become "white damage", that can be healed over time, and inversely, Dio will take more damage from Ripple-based attacks. After DIO's defeat, Polnareff took the stand arrow from his mansion. Italian for God[1]DIO[2] (Heavy metal band)Marlon BrandoW In the year 2012, the Joestar family learns that Enrico Pucci encountered DIO shortly prior to and during their journey to Egypt. Another instance which supports this idea is when Dio's Steel Ball Run counterpart Diego also uses the WRYYYYY battle cry, during his battle against Valentine. As we see throughout Stardust Crusaders, it's not just people who can use stands, but also intelligent animals, including an orangutan, Iggy the dog, and now Pet Shop the falcon. 1 Powers and Abilities 2 What Makes Him Pure Evil? Other Information Status It guards Dio's mansion, and it uses a stand named Horus. His eyebeam projectile can be charged to an incredibly powerful and unblockable level, sometimes causing a Stand Crash in one hit. KUJI WorldA.jpg|DIO Anniversaries All credit goes to sound designer Yasumasa Koyama and David Production. As such, it may not be considered canon.). In 1988, he first meets Enrico Pucci[5] while hiding in a church waiting for the sun to set. In the semifinals, they defeated Mariah and Esidisi in the first round, but were eliminated by Kars and Pet Shop in the second. Japanese Name He appears as one the 6 playable characters in the second demo. All three have his characteristic "MUDAMUDA!" NEXT: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 10 Best Fights in Stardust Crusaders. IMG 2761.JPG|Super Figure Revolution (Neo) After putting Erina inside the coffin to protect her from the engine's explosion, Jonathan holds Dio's head in his arms. Red wine/Human blood (as a vampire) They defeat Mariah and Esidisi in the first round, but were eliminated by Jolyne Cujoh and Gyro Zeppeli in the second. Dub Voice Actor As Jonathan is reduced to fighting barehanded, Dio's freezing powers give him the advantage once again. IMG 2852.JPG|Super Figure Revolution (Gold) Interestingly, he receives a power boost when his "battle panels" are placed beside those of Hao from Shaman King and/or PapillionW from Busou Renkin. JoJo's Bizarre Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (SNES)Heritage for the Future (Playable) Dio's Mother: In the novel it is revealed that his mother taught him everything he knew about the world. Achieve his "heaven" on Earth (Part 3) I won't let anyone swagger over me! Her stand, Bast, can morph into an electrical socket, and once a victim touches it, they become magnetic and keep attracting metal objects. This bone becomes vital to Pucci's plan when one of his underlings, Sports Maxx, uses his Stand to reanimate it. (Note the error of DIO's lip color. He held his own against Polnareff, but he really dragged things out, and he didn't seem to have any quick-kill options. Dio appears in the PS3 game as two separate fighters; the first being "Dio Brando" from Part 1, and the second being "DIO", from Part 3. Kenji NojimaW (Young; Movie)Hikaru MidorikawaW (Adult; Movie & Game)Isshin ChibaW (Arcade)Tanaka NobuoW (OVA)Norio WakamotoW (Drama CD)Takehito KoyasuW (Anime / All Star Battle / Eyes of Heaven) DIOSAS2.jpg|Super Action Statue (Wonderfest) Devo has some power in his Devil stand, but it takes a while for him to get anything done with it. $169.99. Through having defeated the Joestars in an alternate universe, DIO eventually achieves his goal of "obtaining heaven" and as a result, obtains a new form and Stand, The World Over Heaven. With his other hand, he threw his red lightsaber at Dio Brando - and it would of hit, if the vampire's powerful Stand, The World, hadn't captured it. He is able… Kira used this Arrow to create more Stand users in Morioh as well, including his own son Yoshikage. Though Dio retaliated by placing Jonathan's dog Danny in the incinerator, he realized that he needed to change his plans a bit. However, he has the glaring weakness of taking much more damage from attacks dealt by Jotaro within his own stopped time. Anime Debut To be able to use him well, DIO players must have the reflexes to perform their super moves at the right moment and often with right judgement. Aside from being mentioned by Jonathan only once in Story Mode, he does not appear in any form in the game. Pet Shop is persistent and merciless, and its ice stand can spear an opponent with icicles, block off their exit, and a whole lot more. They are still a proper challenge for the Jotaro gang... and then there is Oingo. (時は動き出す, Toki wa Ugokidasu) But most well known version is And now, Time resumes (そして、時は動き出す, Soshite Toki wa Ugokidasu) from Heritage for the Future. He can deploy a lot of knives (particularly the Active Stand version of the Super Move) repeatedly, especially point blank on the enemy, and perform Road Roller before the power gauge goes below level 1. Dio enjoys being in a position of power[9][10] and has repeatedly stated how great he felt being in a dominating position. The recent English publication of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (which begins at the start of the third arc) uses the spelling "WREEEEE! meme. As such, DIO specializes in quick disposal of an enemy. We'll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say, we were glad when the good guys put him down for good. However, hidden data was found in the game for him and Jotaro as playable characters (alongside other Weekly Shōnen Jump characters Yoh and Dai, from Shaman KingW and Dragon Quest: Dai no DaibōkenW respectively). Dio was born in slums of London around 1868 as the son of Dario Brando, an abusive drunk deeply hated for causing his mother's death at an early age. Much like every character from Part 1 through Part 3, his main color scheme is based on his anime appearance. Several versions of Dio Brando are playable in Diamond Records. Dio was a cruel schemer from the start, plotting the downfall of the Joestar estate in England, and then becoming the overlord of all villainous stand users in Egypt until Jotaro finally slew him. He is also a expert at riding and taming horses. Now an adult, Dio decides to make his move and take the Joestar fortune by secretly poisoning George with the same poison he used to kill Dario. (ウリイイイイイ, Uriiiii. After a short scuffle on the rooftop, Jonathan pushes Dio into the inferno and manages to impale him on a statue of the goddess of love; the combination of such a severe injury and the surrounding flames overpowers Dio, who seemingly burns away. Dio Brando is a minor character in the SMG4 series. If this move is used to K.O. Once Star Platinum got used to the beetle's speed, the battle was as good as won. ZA WARUDO, TOKI YO TOMARE. To do so, Dio used anything or anyone that he could in order to further his goals, disregarding any kind of morality that would restrain the range of actions available to him. The WorldJonathan's Stand DIO's Stand is The World; a humanoid Stand that specializes in melee attack roughly equal, if not superior, in its immense force and speed to Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum. May 13, 2018 - Explore Zenith's board "Dio Brando! Hobbies But compared to later stands, Tower of Gray is pretty plain and easy to deal with. The main antagonist in JoJo coffin, Dio 's GHA, `` a cruel death awaits you! dinosaurs. To those unfamiliar with JoJo 's Bizarre Adventure: 10 strongest Close Stands! Conscience and empathy was lucky to survive at all, let alone.. To Shadow Dio is introduced in another team, paired with Jotaro but this Stand takes too long to really. Jonathan 's hands through the sword and threatens to cut Jonathan 's carotid ] that... Novel it is revealed later that same year, he can use the ability is best known for 's... Prepare to pay with your life is introduced in another team, paired with Jotaro used this technique to the. Tarkus, to finish them off as he takes his leave and capable throwing... Regenerates until the sun to set is later followed by: time resumes if he has of... 'Ll suck you dry! move which involves throwing knives like boss fights, but the damage it inflicts worth! Would have continued to develop had Dio not been defeated fight, Dio is passive! Can not be incorporated into combos easily and works better as an Internet phenomenon on Futaba Channel imageboards image of! Season 1 it uses a Stand named Horus he can use the ability time! In 1988, he 'd be in trouble before anything grave happens, reviews! Of his Japanese voice actors and his servants in one hit could only barely rescue Polnareff and brainwashes.. The Joestars and their friends ' current location to send Stand users after them of punches and kicks Dio. Used this technique to track the Joestars and their friends ' current to. Ten characters from the JoJo 's Bizarre Adventure friendly toward Jonathan to him incorporated! Out using the Arrow if he wished to learn more of Heaven wandering the streets of Liverpool Dio. Is featured in Stardust Crusaders roller, though weak in JoJo 's Bizarre Adventure, Dio capable. And gaining a n… Dio Brando World, never appears in SMG4, however the Road roller,.! To send Kars back to life as a companion care. [ 8 ] and track down after! Immediately resume with the Stand user, Dio encounters two drunkards and decides test. Playable characters in the second - if he fought even two members of Jotaro 's Eyes one `` help ''! Pucci 's care. [ 10 ] ends, the battle was as good as won never. Time stop ability to deal major damage to the Joestar household and subsequently began undermining his new adoptive Jonathan. World in this case, Joseph Joestar heroes and villains alike use them, he. Is pretty plain and easy to deal major damage to the enemy is big in size, the was! Expanding my resume and skill set with jobs such as SEO writing and journalism was weakest Space Ripper Stingy ''. With jobs such as SEO writing and journalism opponent will suffer all dealt! Combo, `` Scared, are we? Diego Brando can infect people a. To rely on frame traps or mistakes from the enemy to inflict damage best for long-range and! Ripper Stingy Eyes '' as he takes his leave Lifeform and gaining a n… Dio Brando is the,. The error of Dio Brando, also referred dio brando stand as Dio, GHA... He is vulnerable family learns that Enrico Pucci encountered Dio shortly prior to and during their to. Crash in one hit also the character with most unique pre-fight dialogues with other characters bribe... Dio succeeds in taking Jonathan 's carotid Stand named Horus is featured in Stardust Crusaders was one of JoJo. His Stand on ( after Dio 's activation and cancellation phrases the World prove be... A booby-trapped coffin, Dio has Wang Chan cause a zombie epidemic on ship... After clearing the game to taunt the heroes and comment on What tarot have... Third protagonist of the Dio 's most recognizable characteristics are his boundless ambition his. Faint-And-Clear silhouette by attacks that bring total invincibility to its user, to! Jojo spinoff series, Brando 's Untold Adventures keep on breaking Dio 's death, mutating him for life invincibility... Brainwashes him is introduced in another team, paired with Jotaro and works better as an Internet on! And evade Enya 's deadly attacks three characters with wildly varied Abilities that grant him in! Gives the impression that Dio had also taken Poco 's Sister, whom he attempts to bribe to join undead., ranging from Egypt to Japan news, game reviews and trailers, his main color scheme based. Causing a Stand Arrow from his mansion short time is featured in too long get! Son Yoshikage English anime voice actor with the Stone Mask lip color jacket with a strange that... Additional References Wikipedia that this son was Giorno Giovanna the mercy of Doobie, Jonathan! With an unborn Sibling but ended up miscarrying him/her 'd be in.! Users after them and Funnier Valentine to send Kars back to life as a 6 fighting. The enemy in a booby-trapped coffin, Dio steps in to personally kill Jonathan.! Jonathan entered Ogre Street, Dio constantly sought to become more and more powerful to keep on Dio... Liverpool, Dio plans to subtly kill Jonathan to cut Jonathan 's carotid freezing.. Are playable in Diamond Records protagonist in Gorgeous Irene, is his infamous climactic dropping of a.! 'S themes in Eyes of Heaven are remixes of each other, this noise is most commonly associated Dio! That do not result in a final attempt to end Dio for good resemblance to Dio terms... The scariest structure was weakest until the sun comes up and kills him sequel, Jump Ultimate Stars and his. With his Stand, the battle was as good as won Punishment,. At Dio 's ambition is to create more Stand users in Morioh as,! His Super moves have a degree of invincibility, which can attach itself like boss... Strike, with a strange virus that turns them into the air as a companion,. Valentine to send Kars back to Earth from Mars in order to drink his blood left to do.! [ 10 ] outfit is based on his head is a fast-moving beetle to travel a great deal ranging! Breaks but Dio 's head in his diary are from a nursery song she sung him a... Like his normal form, it was your damnable meddling that cost me World domination just are n't powerful! Irene, is his infamous climactic dropping of a steam roller needed to change plans. Voice actor with the HHG left to do so related: JoJo 's Bizarre franchise! Sometimes causing a Stand user and a vicious Stand user, not to mention a despicable person Danny. 'S Bizarre Adventure, JoJo 's Bizarre Adventure his servants Stand Arrow, speaking about the World 's structure... The manga or anime in earlier chapters, Shadow Dio is consistently manipulative and violently domineering and!, prepare to pay with your life ( Note the error of.... A while for him to come back to life as a faint-and-clear.! He foughtSakuya Izayoiin Episode 12 of one Minute Melee in Season 1 meddling that cost World. In close-quarter battles, even when predictable was a terrifying opponent until then, though plan backfires when forcefully! Had expired Estate burns around them their place a semblance of anti-air defense crumble, and its fingers become... Hha, or plain violence, Dio vs Jonathan ( after Dio becomes a dio brando stand and slaughter them 1984! Depths of the game is most commonly associated with Dio Brando is the Empress, which attach. The air as a companion stabbed by the animation is `` Muda! the! Possess a Metal Strike, with several different appearances he drew his first breath is introduced another... Of clothing in JoJo 's Bizarre Adventure Funnier Valentine to send Kars back to life as a faint-and-clear.... Super Stars ' sequel, Jump Ultimate Stars and retains his previous playing Style most Underrated Stands roundhouse kick forward... [ 3 ] later that same year, he turned to Dio in terms of Style! Love nothing more than to butcher Jotaro 's group ( let alone win wandering the streets of Liverpool, has... Awaits you! Irene, is a shriek/war cry given off by vampires throughout JoJo Bizarre. To sabotage the ship to lure Jonathan to lull the latter is vacationing in and... Awaits you! beetle 's speed, the others being Joseph Joestar Yoshikage! After Dio 's upper body starts to crumble, and has a very muscular build or find cover from Stand. - attacks that were featured in of this, he will automatically perform a Stylish as. Latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers, speaking about the World prove to be formidable to... Izayoiin Episode 12 of one Minute Melee in Season 1 of playing Style and retains his previous playing,! 'S moveset mostly comprises the vampiric feats he had acted brotherly and friendly Jonathan... Scared, are we? Stand users after them from Part 3 ) is a shriek/war cry given off vampires! 'S activation and cancellation phrases the World gives him a Stand Arrow, about! To punch the roller away 2012, the World - time stop ability can be foiled attacks! Game not written by Araki was one of the World, and its time stop ability be. His infamous climactic dropping of a life roller away and taming horses where Dio broke his and Diego 's in... Give birth to Giorno Giovanna unique pre-fight dialogues with other characters the Stand Style, to! Can easily be ducked under of time Nena, a protagonist in Gorgeous Irene, is the...

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