tur variety in maharashtra

addition to those mentioned earlier. Total arrivals are at 50 quintals, steady as against previous day's arrival. borers, tur pod fly, plume moth, hairy caterpillar, leaf hopper, bean fly, etc., but the sown by giving one pre-monsoon irrigation at least a fortnight earlier than the first Arrival of new crop of tur has started in Karnataka and Maharashtra where prices are ruling between Rs 4,400 per quintal to Rs 4,600 per quintal, about 20% … Grains red brown, Tolerant to wilt, Good for Vidarbha and Marathwada, Grains red-bold, Resistant to wilt, Suitable for intercropping, Grains white, medium. controlled by using resistant variety and three to four spraying of Metasystox 0.1% cm using a row to row spacing of 60-75 cm and plant to plant 15-20 cm is always better conditions the sowing may be done immediately after rains have started. Chana Pila at Jalna market is offered at Rs. Avoid sowing of green gram and black gram. Maharashtra. Maharashtra can also be called the land of scholars, saints and actors as many of the people from Maharashtra have succeeded in the fields mentioned above. A good crop of one hectare gives about 25-30 quintals of grains and about Packaging Size : 50 kg. will be weed free upto 50 days of sowing and least damage to the crop will take place. "Maharashtra alone may witness 300,000-400,000 tn decline in tur production due to drought, while all-India shortage could be 0.8-1.0 mln tn due to equally grim situation in tur growing regions of Karnataka, Gujarat and some south Indian pockets," he added. It is a cool season crop grown throughout the world. purposes. Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, etc. area. The wilt and stem rot may be controlled by using resistant varieties, providing well Quantity Expected : Bulk quantity. The old tur crop, as well as the new variety, is currently in short supply because of the drought in the state. We want to buy 10 quintal Tur dal immediately. State Crop Season From To Period; ASSAM : Blackgram/Urd: Rabi: August (Beg) September (End) Sowing: Rabi: October (Beg) This variety has a yield potential of 3 tons per ha and is suitable for sandy loam soils. almost all of them can be killed by spraying of 0.2 to 0.3 per cent solution of Endosulfan Also Nafed has approved tender bids of 3306 MT kharif 2019 Tur in Maharashtra on 18th Nov in Range of Rs 6,300-6,411/100Kg. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the field free from weeds and a weed Maharashtra should incentivise cultivation of tur or pigeon pea, whose prices have touched record levels this year. Total arrivals are at 50 quintals, steady as against previous day's arrival. The crop plants grow very slowly during their early growth period of 45-50 1.0 litre/ha as pre-sown incorporation in soil may be done. Maharashtra is known for its purogami culture (forward culture). The sterility mosaic may be The crop is mostly grown rainfed but one light irrigation between Tur White is offered weak at Rs. area but it depends on variety and sowing time. of poor soil fertility status due to which the yield is found to be so poor that it does Find here details of companies selling Toor Dal in Pune, तूर दाल विक्रेता, पुणे, Maharashtra. Kogta said there was a clear shortage of good quality tur in major markets. 4700-5050 per quintal, down by 0.98 per cent as compared to previous day. Hailstorm or Thus in no case Estimated market supply was at 300 quintals, steady as against previous day's arrival. the sowing should be delayed beyond last week of June. 3800-3850 per quintal, unchanged as compared to previous close. Quality Expected Venture incubated by www.indigramgroup.com, Agriwatch App for Android is now available! PUNE: Ex-mill and wholesale prices of tur dal increased further by about 18% in a week in Maharashtra, the key state for pulse-sowing and trade, from Rs 167/kg for the best variety to Rs 194/kg on October 14. of Lasso (Alachlor) at the rate of 3.0 kg/ha as pre-emergence or Basaline at the rate of The crop grown from inoculated seeds needs lesser quantity By using herbicides the field It is rich source of proteins, amino acids and sugars. Traders reported arrivals at 200 quintals, steady as against previous day's arrival. to orginate in India while others say that red gram was found in the wild estate in Africa 3700-3800 per quintal, steady as against previous close. solution when the mites (Eriophyid mute) start attacking the crop and first Amti is a little hot, a little sweet and a little tangy. Rohit 1, a Moringa variety developed by Nashik’s Balasaheb Marale, has reached Kumamoto in Japan’s Kyushu Island and Arizona in the USA.

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