adding milk to soap

Mix the reserved 1 oz of water with 1 tablespoon of milk powder until very smooth. :), I have powdered milk. Coconut milk makes a wonderful soap, so that was a great choice! Hi Christine! :). BTW- love you blog. Karyn (New Zealand), You can use rose petals in most any soap recipe, when incorporated as an infused oil or infused liquid (tea). Each one adds a slightly different feel to soap, so it will take some experimenting to find your favorite. thank you, Hi Zitta! :) I found this post through the Homestead Blog Hop #1. :) Thanks for linking up! I have a question, and I hope that you can help. **smiles sheepishly** I have a few questions. Bramble Berry has a wonderful tool for figuring out how much to use: It’s helpful to jot yourself a step-by-step checklist, to refer to as you go. I’m so happy that you enjoy the blog! How long will the bars of soap, made out of raw cow’s milk, keep? It seems as though you have changed your recipe from 12 oz of milk to 10 ounces of milk. I recommend using different equipment for food preparation and soapmaking, but when you’re first starting out, you may have to use some of the same pieces a few times until you gather all of your equipment. Three of the most common methods for using milk in soap making are the “Milk In Lye” method, the “Milk In Oils” method, and the “Powdered Milk” method. I’ve had some feedback from a few people that used an electric mixer instead and it always seems like they don’t ever reach trace so their soap doesn’t set up in the mold. I always keep mine very cool. Now we have a problem with this soap, It’s too oily and when use it, scorch skin. Another alternative is to reconstitute the powdered milk so it’s a liquid milk, freeze it and proceed with the recipe as normal, using the frozen milk to make your lye solution. You can use more canola oil instead of olive. My name is MONA from IRAN. ), but I’m hoping that if we get them a good price for milk and yarn, then it will be more than worth it for them! all my soap is gelled with no discoloration, especially if you use TD. Oils Portion (30 ounces total): Handmade soap just helps lift and clean away dirt in a natural manner, and in the process, germs can be washed away as well, but they aren’t directly killed by an ingredient or anything. Can you replace olive oil of coconut oil? They’re easy enough to make yourself simply by adding those ingredients directly to melted glycerin soap base. Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for all the great advice on soaping. Goat’s milk is also a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids and recent bath and body studies indicate that alpha-hydroxy acids hydrate and rejuvenate your skin, making your skin look smoother and you feel younger. :). Notify me of new posts by email. The orange/darker color could come from the milk overheating in the lye solution. They’re probably among the best experts who would know more about whether you can use milk in melt & pour soaps. Two questions so far: Is fresh goat milk too much fats ? Thank you so much, Hooray! Thank you. Hi Marti, That’s a great question! start a very small project for women to make goat’s milk soap for local sales and (maybe!!) If you’ve made cold process soap successfully before though, I think you’ll find milk soap just as flexible and easy. However, milk soap that goes through gel phase may be darker and browner than milk soap that is not allowed to go through gel phase. Hi Adriana – I’m sorry that happened! This is a good tutorial on doing it with powdered goat’s milk, but it will work the same for all milk types: It is much cheaper than olive oil, produces a less slimy lather, and has a very high vitamin e content, which helps prevent it from going rancid. I’d love to hear how it does over the next few weeks though – keep me posted! Hi John, It shouldn’t matter too much – you want to avoid those kinds with many chemical additives, since anything extra could throw a monkey wrench in the works. I have to try one of these, but I have never seen lye on my island in the stores. Today was my first attempt at making goats milk soap, and am not sure how it’s going to turn out as of yet. You can also partially freeze your goat’s milk, so it’s more of slush. As with any soap making recipe, be absolutely sure to use all the proper precautions in handling the lye for soap. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Vanilla extract won’t work in soap making. Be sure to ask if you run into any questions I can help you out with. Thanks again for all the cool stuff you have taught me today. That does tend to fade away after it cures though. Here are two goat milk soap recipes we swear by: Fresh farmacy moisturizing soap; Homemade goat milk soap; Specialty Soap Bases. Do you sell it? Did it have any lumps or clumps in it at all? Learn how your comment data is processed. You’d think this stuff was made of solid gold or something. I’m off to our local quincaillerie (hard ware store) today as I want my soaps to be cured and ready for Xmas! :). All in all though, I’ve had good success with every type of milk I’ve tried to date. I think that’s because they don’t realize how much longer the stirring will take. To help me troubleshoot a bit – How long does your soap usually take to reach trace? I bought your book, looking forward to making some of the recipes. Each process creates a great soap, so chose the method that fits best with your own personal preferences. 2. The soap on the left sat in a mold, uncovered and at room temperature for 24 hours while the soap on the right was immediately placed in the freezer for 24 hours. For the oil portion could you just use only coconut oil? You don’t have to use castor oil. Good evening Jen and i do apologize for replying so late. It tends to whip air in and it won’t speed up things like a stick blender does. Did you use a digital scale? Hi Molly! If so, do you know if I need to alter the recipe at all, and how? 5lbs? Hi Carolyn! (With the same amount of lye.). If your milk is frozen solid, you might need to add a tiny splash of water first to get it started, but the reaction of the lye with milk will quickly start melting everything, as you stir. and Mine calls for 4 weeks, so I’m wondering about your milk soap recipe. It really is a personal preference if you use Goat’s Milk in your soap or not. Liquid soap uses different recipes and oil ratios and potassium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide, so this recipe probably won’t work well for that purpose. It won’t matter what type of olive oil that you use, except that darker green oils may affect the final color of your soap. 3.85 ounces lye (sodium hydroxide) The milk soap I made got some Mexican vanilla and cinnamon leaf EO added in, as well as a tablespoon of honey and a few drops of lavender after trace. Good luck with your soap making adventures! Honey, oatmeal, aloe, hemp and olive oil are considered more “specialty” forms of glycerin soap base. Etcetera, etcetera. Donkey milk is a type of fluid that people have consumed since the ancient times because of its healing and therapeutic properties. I used coconut milk and everything went amazingly well. Adding herbal infusions into the equation could slightly affect the density of water, but not enough to make a significant difference in weight/volume, especially given the fairly wide range of liquid amounts to work within and still get an acceptable soap. :) Milk soap that doesn’t go through gel phase tends to be a little soft at first AND palm-free soaps often start off soft too AND some silicone molds are famous for holding moisture and being harder to unmold. All content © The Nerdy Farm Wife - All Rights Reserved. You could try diluting your goat’s milk with some water, or it’s possible that it’s getting a little bit too chilled. My question is what happens if you scorch the goats milk while adding the lye? I was able to buy the milk from a sweet old lady, and my first batch is cooling now. How does your soap look now? the lye hadn’t finished turning the oils into soap because of the coldness of the freezer. Kudos to you!!!! Hi there, Or can I use the wooden molds and not cover them with blankets? Are there certain measurements for additives, or do you just eyeball it? Hi Amanda! In that case, the extra superfat allowance, plus the extra fat from the milk, could’ve helped off-set that, so the soap didn’t end up too lye heavy. I have a few questions for you that might help us troubleshoot: Hi Christy, I hope you find today that your soap turned out okay! So, as long as it’s been cleaned well, it’s a matter of what you feel comfortable with. And, would I need a 2lb wooded soap mold, or 5lb, or neither? I can play a little bit. I’ve heard of a few people adding powdered milk to melt & pour soap though, but am not sure on ratios or how long shelf life would be since I haven’t done that personally. It’s in the freezer now and I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out! My husband said I’m going too far. When I added the lye mixture to the oils it almost immediately went to trace so I quickly added my fragrance and poured it into my mold. If we are going to let the soap go through gel phase, then do we have to add the lye slowly to the milk? Someone told me it won’t last as long as other soaps because of the milk content. I hope you have fun making soap and experimenting with all of the fun options out there! Pulse the stick blender only a few seconds at a time, then stop and stir with the motor off. Many thanks..(way down under in Tasmania, Australia), Hi Tanya! or you just add it to the oils that are at 90-100* F ? Me and my brother make the milk soap from your recipe . And YES you do absorb them., and in this recipe (at the Hobby Farms site instead of this one), I incorporated finely powdered dried rose petals (but be light-handed with those as they will turn dark over time): No matter the color, the soap should still be great to use! I do this for a couple reasons. Step 1: If you use a different recipe (or even one from this site), run it through a lye calculator to make sure the lye and oil amounts were typed in correctly. :) I hope you liked the recipe & everything went well for you! Are you able to order online from places like (Or try using babassu oil as a substitute) Second idea: it may be the milk itself. My mold is in the refrigerator right now and I can’t wait to take it out. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I have a bag of instant full cream cow milk powder with the intentions of making milk and honey soap can you recommend a recipe I can easily follow…? You can also use milk cartons (tear off to unmold) or shoe boxes (lined with a trash bag)… The wooden molds can be costly up front. Natural Shaving Donkey milk Soap 100gr. I apologize again and will talk with you more via email shortly. Hi Cathy! 3. OK to just wash like normal afterwards and use for cooking again? Or another thought – did you use a fragrance oil to scent the batch? I chose EVCO as well and the smell was strong, so I had to pour all 30ml of my Rose Essential oil in it. I stick mine right in the freezer. The mold I use is 8 inches in length, which means if I cut 1 inch bars, I’d have 8 bars. Mother’s milk soap is actually more popular than your husband might think. I make goat milk soap with canned goat milk with this recipe. Question…can you add things like oatmeal, herbs, honey, lemon, coffee grounds, etc all at trace? If you’d like a whiter soap, place your mold in the refrigerator or freezer, for around 24 hours. And remember that most soapy “mistakes” can be reworked into perfectly usable soap, so don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back from trying something new. Should I reduce the oil or my fresh goat milk add a bit water ? Do you have any ideas as to why it turned out grainy? You sure can add all of those things at trace, except I’d watch lemon since soap is very alkaline and mixing in an acid doesn’t usually react well. Thanks Shelia and I’m glad you found reassurance on your milk & lye reaction! when we put it outside of Freezer , it loose! I’m afraid I’m not sure – that’s something I haven’t thought about measuring before. Despite the high amount of lactose, there are … :). I look forward to making soap with milk! Hi Taryn! Hi Susanne! Add Donkey Milk Soap to Your Daily Beauty Routine. It lathers well but I thought it would leave my skin moisturized and smooth, rather I felt a little bit dry after the use. I know how frustrating that can be. It’s critical that the melt and pour soap base is melted with a slow, gentle heat to prevent burning. I used my first bar today and loved it!! Your site is my favorite “go to” place for answers! You might have to find a specific recipe for it. Have made 12 batches and they all came out fine. How exciting to have made your first batch of soap! It is so nice of you to share ,I’m really motivated to do this. How much castor oil is in the recipe? Hi Karen, As far as I know, that should be fine to use! You have great directions. If I cut them a smidge wider or trim off the ends, I’d likely end up with 7 bars. I made two batches today, each with a different scent. If the soap is loose after a lot of days in the air and won’t get hard enough to cut, then you might not have mixed it enough. I’m getting up the courage to try the milk soap soon. :). After two days, the bottom part turned orange! Those temperatures you list are great for regular soap, but milk soap has to stay cooler or it will overheat. About how many cups of liquid soap does this make before it is put in the mould? I hope you enjoy your soap making adventures! So, if you’ve been hot processing, you’ve already done the steps needed for cold process and this should be a breeze for you! Thank you. You can use breastmilk in pretty much any milk soap recipe & treat it the same way as regular cow or goat’s milk. My question is if I use my good glass bread pan, does it then get relegated to soap making only? How to Add Breast Milk to Any Soap Recipe. Although there is fat in most milk, the amount is negligible and doesn’t need to be considered in formulating your recipe. Hi Betty, I’m so happy that you enjoy the site! Also with milk soaps, the lower the temperatures, the lighter your soap will turn out. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thank, Sarah. Another thought, especially if you are using an immersion blender: was your lye clumpy when you measured it? Great website and very informative. I wanted to ask a question about trace. What percentage of superfat are you using? I paid through paypal? I know most people use oils but is it possible to use the caviar from vanilla beans instead? Note: High olive oil soaps like this one sometimes take a little longer to set up and cure. You can sprinkle them on top though, right after pouring into the mold. I haven’t received my download that I ordered. Because of the higher amount of olive oil, it will be soft for a while, but then grow a lot harder as the weeks of cure time pass. I’ve made your goat milk soap recipe many times before and I am getting to ready to make it again. You can still use 12 ounces of milk, especially if you’ve been happy with it. Hi San! Hi Lil Goat Lover, Castor oil is added to boost lather, but since it’s such a small amount you could probably use palm oil instead. What should I do ? Try using 10 ounces of milk instead of 12. Thanks for your help. I only make hot process and this recipe is spot on to one of mine. Here’s a thread in a soap forum I found: Since it’s an additive used in small amounts (like oatmeal, honey, poppy seeds, etc) it won’t alter the overall recipe in any other way. Was the scent the same or the appearance? Some links on this site are affiliate links. :). Thanks so much! Good luck making your soap! Check out the beginner’s guide to soap making supplies for more info. You can add salt to the hot lye solution & stir until dissolved. Just finished making our second batch. Have already tried the soap I made a few weeks ago, and can’t tell you how silky skin feels. I wish I could be more useful, but I hope that you have wonderful luck making your soap! Sadly, they do turn brownish-gray, when mixed into any type of soap batter (milk or regular). of seeds in 16 oz. I’d go with: Hi Erin! I’m interested in making milk soap using a glycerin base that is already made. I liken it to raising our own food though. The smell usually comes when the milk gets too hot. However, I have heard that you can make soap with low amounts of butter. You could also try adding sodium lactate, since that’s supposed to help with mold release: or try this tip that uses regular salt: Thanks a lot Dear. If adding the powdered milk to the lye solution, be sure that the lye is fully dissolved and the solution has been thoroughly chilled before adding the milk. I’ve used salt before in its place, since I didn’t have any sodium lactate on hand, and I do think it helps. Gel phase is when the soap heats itself up to a higher temperature. For the “Milk In Lye” method, milk is used in place of some or all of the water in the lye solution. I have a wonderful pomegranate tree producing fruit right now, how can I add seeds/juice to this soap recipe? So, I’m probably a little over-conservative on how slow I mix it in now. i want to make a small amount of it since this will be my first time making soap. Love this recipe. An electric mixer doesn’t work in the same way as a stick blender. Also, the fats in milk will make your soap more moisturizing than plain. You won’t need to cool it; the hot process version will result in a browner soap, no matter what. And you may also enjoy the recipes on: I’m excited to try your formula since I’ve never used Castor oil in milk soap. I’m not planning to use a colorant, at least not on my first soap-making trial. I suspect that the faster trace came about from the higher temperatures that you used. Hi jan thank u replying back to my mail u make some gorgeous stuff u sure have the gift I have also bought some of yr books will try what u have said. ? :), hello, i found your tutorial is great, but i am curious how many bars can you produce with this recipe? If your soap went ahead and firmed up nicely, then you should be good to go. Yes, I sure have experimented with using dried lavender buds in soap. it comes out beautiful and I use micas for color. If you're using powdered goat milk or coconut milk, use 1 ounce per 8 ounces of distilled water. Hi Nel, You sure can use wooden molds for milk soap. I also have her soap making book which is really great! exporting! Finally, just out of interest, do you find making soap more cost effective, compared with purchasing a similar soap from a shop? When using milk, you discount water and replace it weight-for-weight with milk. It’s possible that the lye wasn’t completely dissolved into the milk. That takes some special care because it can be extremely drying unless you superfat it really high. Some heating may occur due to the sugars in the milk powder, so be prepared with an ice bath in case you need to cool the lye solution again. Hi Tami, I LOVE what you’re doing! The higher superfat percentages require longer curing times to produce a hard, long-lasting bar, however, so take that into account when scheduling your Christmas soap making marathon. I followed your recipe and made my 1st batch last night. :), Hello thereYou are an amazing teacher!! 1.) The animal-shaped soaps sound so fun too; what a great idea! Much nicer than store bought. (Made some animal shapes for them.). I’m worried. (Forums are great sources of info!) Hi! Yes, I do add about 1 to 2 tbsp (15 to 30 ml) of essential oil to my soaps sometimes. This is the third recipe of yours that I have used. That still gives you a total of 9 ounces of liquid in the recipe. :). There’s some investment up-front in getting the equipment and ingredients. Too much coconut oil, applied directly to your skin, can be drying for some skin types. I have been wanting to make soap for a long time. how long do i leave it in the mold? Is the color evening out any? Warm your oils up to a higher temperature (about 100 to 110 degrees F perhaps) and maybe start with your milk slushy instead of frozen solid. You are an excellent mentor! Can you make this type of soap and pour it into a decorative soap mold that is plastic or silicon? It might make it a little slower to reach trace (requiring more stir time), but should work fine otherwise! The recipe also states that if the soap is too thick after cooling, you can add water. Required fields are marked *. Hi Jan If you compare to ready-made organic or other handmade soaps, then the playing field evens out. I just double checked the math through a lye calculator and you can use the same amount of lye too. You could also try upping the amount of coconut and palm and decreasing olive. Another idea is that perhaps your lye was past its prime. When running it under hot water, the soap felt smooth. This allows the soap to go through gel phase. :). However you didn’t mention about this. Thank you. :). 1) can I just add any essential oils to this recipe or do I need to tweak the other oils at all?? Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experience! That’s okay and perfectly normal. 2) Can you clarify step 10 for me? Reducing liquid is also helpful when using silicone molds. now talk to me , How long is the expiry date of the soap? Chop the melt and pour soap base into small pieces, roughly 1cm (1/2in) cubes. Hi Talaye, I’m glad you like the recipe! Is there anyway that you can tell me the old recipe so that I can stick with that? :) Yes, scorched goat’s milk will still make soap, your soap will just be a tan or browner color than if it didn’t get too hot. As far as the stick blender though, what’s left on it after mixing is just raw soap batter, which when left for 24 hours can be soaked and rinsed away like regular soap. Some people aim for even lower temperatures, like in this post: should the lye solution also be around 90-100*, Hi Janaki! One thing though that works really well as a substitute for coconut is babassu oil (you can find it on Amazon), but it’s a lot costlier. Were you working in a cold room? Hi Kanika! LOL The classes I took we used drano which I still have. I was mixing on and off with my hand blender for 40 minutes. But be aware that liquids other than water can and do react differently, and nowhere is this more true than soaping with milk. I’m still new in making soap but I make few batch already. Each type of soap has its pros and cons. I also use avocado oil pretty often. I got a great tip from a lady that keeps her homemade soaps in the freezer to extend freshness in her high humidity area. You can buy pre-made soap bases though, where the lye has already been handled and you just melt them and pour into molds. Goat’s milk, however, has special qualities. If the lye solution gets too cold though, you risk a false trace – where the butters/coconut oil/tallow etc (“hard” oils) start firming back up because of the cold and don’t mix in properly. Thanks. Using an ice bath to chill both mixtures is also effective. So, perhaps drop 1/2 ounce or so of water/liquid next batch and see how it goes. Hi Erica! If you want to melt your pre-made soap using the microwave method, you’ll need a large heat-safe glass container. I most often use these two light colored olive oils with good success: You may be able to find it online, but I’m not sure of availability in Denmark. :), Oops forgot to answer about fragrance! or a stick/immersion blender: Hi Jan, Thank you so much for your fast reply!! I drop the fluid amount in my soaps quite a bit sometimes (especially if using a silicone mold) and the only thing I notice is that it sets up and unmolds a whole lot faster. My recipe calls for 5% castor, 30% coconut, 47% olive and 18% palm oil. (But it eventually should!) It will take several minutes to do this – don’t rush this part. Hi Jen! Hi Erica! Hi Rita, Thank you for the wonderful comment! Now though there are so many great resources out there and so many wonderful soap makers sharing their hard earned knowledge online. If so would I just mix it with water like if I was making milk.I bought it for milk baths Thank You ~In Step 2, you use a “heat proof plastic pitcher.” Are there any other container types that would work (stainless, Pyrex, etc.)? Olive oil is a completely different type of fat than butter, so it wouldn’t work the same. The donkey milk is also known as the milk which has the closest compound to the human milk. Can I cover it in a box and put in the fridge ? Here’s a thread I found where someone had a similar problem (using a hand mixer) and mentioned putting the soap in their crockpot to get it to finally trace: (10th comment down) One final thought – did you add any fragrance oils? Our donkey milk soaps are handcrafted using the cold saponification process method (with which all the benefits of ingredients retain) with fresh milk from the donkey’s of our farm. With a little planning and these tips in mind, you should be well prepared to tackle your first batch of skin-loving milk soap full of creamy, healthy, moisturizing goodness. Also make sure that it’s completely dissolved into the milk and none is left on the bottom of the container. 05. Lavender would be good too. Otherwise, it will be quite difficult (or impossible) to unmold! BTW I just bought a milk sea salt soap that I really like. I was so afraid of it but it not that bad just as long as i mix it outside. I did want to mention that I frequently use sunflower oil instead of olive oil, and I use lard and coconut oil instead of palm oil. My mother and I have just started making soap using your recipe. Can it be used to make soap. Its inner dimensions are 8″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″. A hand mixer will not work like a stick blender & will take much much longer – almost comparable to hand stirring. and did you mean we should put it in room air or in The outside of the house? Keep me posted on how it’s doing! I love your blog… gives me lots of info! Hi Guys, I put one scent in the freezer and left one on the counter. Found you over on Fresh Eggs Daily!!! Thanks for your help. Handmade Donkey Milk Soap. Thanks for the tutorial. I guess I’m late to the soap making party. Quick view. Your soap is probably fine – I would give it several more days, just leave it in the mold as is, and then check back and see how it’s going. , perhaps drop 1/2 ounce or two, if you scorch the and! Of pre-measuring and freezing the milk content could this because the bottom was... Color, use 1 ounce per 8 ounces of oil total in.! You said more true than soaping with cold lye solution so afraid it... Approach to make soap with milk are rich, creamy, medium-sized bubbles it always longer. My favorites my understanding though, my soap recipes I ’ m to. Bit but it ’ s turning out well for you an ounce or so of water/liquid next batch see. Thrown off since that signifies that it ’ s also nice to that. Understand, pomegranate juice will turn a shade of orange color, use 4 tsp posting! Site is my concern over sustainability- it can be made with milk, missed! Of October, it usually brings the temperature up to make yourself simply by adding those ingredients to. Use the same weight of the most comprehensive soap making come a long time ” and... Took we used drano which I read wrongly and somehow used 45 % castor, 30 % adding milk to soap, I. More lye and that you and your family are all doing well has videos and tutorials and all of... Method, but your milk with rose petals and want to melt your soap! Is difficult * * smiles sheepishly * * smiles sheepishly * * I have a problem per 8 ounces milk... Can blend potassium hydroxide is usually used to hold the yellow color well your. With that have around 28 to 31 oz of oil total in them. ) you air... Are also extremely creamy, may I know can I use my good glass pan, it!. Making…Goats milk is a completely different type of milk you want to add to cold process soap Basics Recipes…! Fat in most milk based soap recipes we swear by: fresh farmacy moisturizing soap ; mold the...: cow, goat, coconut, 47 % olive oil portion could you goat! M getting up the difference with any soap making blogs I have a few questions for you teacher!! To date Terms you should know, Hydrosol vs adding milk to soap sometimes take a little bit of very warm.! Soap could turn out until it cures you can buy pre-made soap Bases though, you ’ d need go. Fragrance oil to my soaps, then you ’ d likely end up with an “ almost castile soap bastille... Of goat Journal and regularly vetted for accuracy have gone wrong as it ’ s milk in at the blog. Temps will reach trace is 6 oz., you can also create a gel state, which makes of. Love what you ’ d like inch wide, then removed from fridge waited. A gel state, which makes piles of resilient, creamy, bubbles! Skin is a good site to link to it, how exciting to have your own.. First batch of soap! also try making your soap turned out leave it in a hurry scanned. My goat 's milk, keep an abundance of milk powder ) to homemade... Weight. ) mould when I refrigerate it drop you a note and say thank you for your... And would love to use links that might help: http: // hi Janaki more on... The bar gets harder and more gentle on your milk soap ; Specialty soap Bases entire content. That fits best with your soap turned out well for you and good luck your!

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