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[3] In 1964, only 3 of a population of 963 were unemployed. [111] No terrestrial plant species are of any conservation-related concern at present. [129], British Forces British Indian Ocean Territories (BFBIOT) is the official name for the British Armed Forces deployment at the Permanent Joint Operating Base (PJOB) on Diego Garcia, in the British Indian Ocean Territory. Neither party gave notice to terminate and the agreement remains in force until 2036". Diego Garcia became a colony of the UK after the Napoleonic Wars as part of the Treaty of Paris (1814), and from 1814 to 1965 it was administered from Mauritius. Home to more than 1,000 US troops and staff, it has been … [39], Neither the US nor the UK recognises Diego Garcia as being subject to the African Nuclear Weapons Free Zone Treaty, which lists BIOT as covered by the treaty. [133] The value has been proven many times, with the island providing an "unsinkable aircraft carrier" for the United States during the Iranian revolution, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Operation Desert Fox, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. In addition, much of the lagoon waters are protected wetlands as a designated Ramsar site, and large parts of the island are nature preserves. Although the Cantino planisphere (1504) and the Ruysch map (1507) clearly delineate the Maldive Islands, giving them the same names, they do not show any islands to the south which can be identified as the Chagos archipelago. In 1965, the administration of the archipelago was transferred from Mauritius, in somewhat dubious circumstances, shortly before Mauritius gained independence. [25], In 1914, the island was visited by the German light cruiser SMS Emden halfway through its commerce-raiding cruise during the early months of World War I. Diego Garcia provides suitable foraging and nesting habitat for both the hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) and the green turtle (Chelonia mydas). He said that he had heard from three US intelligence sources that Diego Garcia was used as "a transit site where people were temporarily housed, let us say, and interrogated from time to time" and, "What I heard was more along the lines of using it as a transit location when perhaps other places were full or other places were deemed too dangerous or insecure, or unavailable at the moment". Most inhabitants of Diego Garcia through the period 1793–1971 were plantation workers, but also included Franco-Mauritian managers, Indo-Mauritian administrators, Mauritian and Seychellois contract employees, and in the late 19th century, Chinese and Somali employees. An island called "Don Garcia" appears on the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum of Abraham Ortelius (Antwerp 1570), together with "Dos Compagnos", slightly to the north. Quiz: Can you name this TV sitcom by its theme song lyric? Diego Garcia's seabird community includes thriving populations of species which are rapidly declining in other parts of the Indian Ocean. Conspiracy theories aside, international opinion is clearly aligned against the U.S. and Britain. The horizontal structure of each lens is influenced by variations in the type and porosity of the subsurface deposits, which on Diego Garcia are minor. The almost constant breeze keeps conditions reasonably comfortable. The Chagossians & their Struggle. First, the island nation of Mauritius claims the Chagos Archipelago (which is coterminous with the BIOT), including Diego Garcia. [3]:par 23 These people were employed as contract farm workers on primarily coconut plantations owned by the Chagos-Agalega company. The atoll forms a nearly complete rim of land around a lagoon, enclosing 90% of its perimeter, with an opening only in the north. The Portuguese explored Diego Garcia in the 1500s (it is named for a Portuguese navigator). A fourth, Anniversary Island, 1 km (1,100 yards) southwest of Middle Island, appears as just a sand bar on satellite images. [56], In 2004, US Navy recruitment literature described Diego Garcia as being one of the world's best-kept secrets, boasting great recreational facilities, exquisite natural beauty, and outstanding living conditions.[57]. Those who left the island—either for vacation or medical purposes—were not allowed to return, and those who stayed could obtain only restricted food and medical supplies. [50][51] Today, Chagossians remain highly impoverished and are living as "marginalized" outsiders on the island of Mauritius and the Seychelles. Nothing is known of pre-European contact history of Diego Garcia. [8], On 23 June 2017, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) voted in favour of referring the territorial dispute between Mauritius and the UK to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in order to clarify the legal status of the Chagos Islands archipelago in the Indian Ocean. [22] Following the departure of the British, the French colony of Mauritius began marooning lepers on Diego Garcia,[22] and in 1793, the French established a coconut plantation using slave labour, which also exported cordage made from coconut fibre, and sea cucumbers, known as a delicacy in the Orient.[23]. It now hosts a US military base covering two thirds of the island. Diego Garcia lies at the southernmost tip of the Chagos-Laccadive Ridge, a vast underwater mountain range[7] with peaks consisting of coral reefs, atolls, and islands comprising Lakshadweep, the Maldives, and the Chagos Archipelago. Vertical wells can cause salt upcoming into the lens, and overextraction will reduce freshwater pressure resulting in lateral intrusion by seawater. The transceiver is operated remotely from Andrews Air Force Base and Grand Forks Air Force Base and is locally maintained by NCTS FE personnel. Diego Garcia, the largest island in the Chagos archipelago in the Indian Ocean, is the site of a major US military base and was leased from Britain in 1966 [Reuters] [citation needed] The island is also labelled "Don Garcia" on Mercator's Nova et Aucta Orbis Terrae Descriptio ad Usum Navigatium Emendate (Duisburg 1569). The base’s location near Asia, the Middle East and Africa makes it an irreplaceable cornerstone of America’s ability to project power around the world. From December through March, winds are generally westerly around 6 knots (11 km/h). [127], Four reptiles and six cetaceans are endangered and may or may not be found on or around Diego Garcia:[128] [73] In October 2007, the Foreign Affairs Select Committee of the British Parliament announced that it would launch an investigation of continued allegations of a prison camp on Diego Garcia, which it claimed were twice confirmed by comments made by retired United States Army General Barry McCaffrey. finback whale (Balaeonoptera physalus) – possible; Bryde's whale (Balaeonoptera edeni) – possible; blue whale (Balaeonoptera musculus) – possible; humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) – possible; southern right whale (Eubalaena australis) – possible. Mr. Koonjul stressed that the Mauritian government does not intend to resettle Chagossians on Diego Garcia. [citation needed], Naval Security Group detachment Diego Garcia was disestablished on 30 September 2005. A local government as normally envisioned does not exist. ‘Hello, my wonderful social justice warriors’: School sued over critical race theory instruction, American Thinker, conservative blog, apologizes for 'completely false' Dominion Voting articles, HHS Secretary Alex Azar to Trump: Capitol raid will 'tarnish' our health legacy, Pa. election worker in discarded ballots case won't be charged, prosecutor says, Click [139] Formally, the base is known as Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia (the US activity) or Permanent Joint Operating Base (PJOB) Diego Garcia (the UK's term). [112], Of the 36 native vascular plants on Diego Garcia, 12 are trees, five are shrubs, seven are dicotyledon herbs, three are grasses, four are vines, and five are ferns.[113]. From June through September, the influence of the Southeast trades is felt, with speeds of 10–15 knots. Several months later, Pope Francis renewed pressure on London. In 1970, the island was leased to the United States, and developed as a joint U.S.-UK air and naval refueling and support station during the cold war. It was one of the "Dependencies" of the British Colony of Mauritius until the Chagos Islands were detached for inclusion in the newly created British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) in 1965. In addition, near-shore coral reefs and an algal platform may have dissipated much of the waves' impact. [124], The island hosts introduced bird species from many regions, including cattle egrets (Bubulcus ibis), Indian barred ground dove, also called the zebra dove (Geopelia striata), turtle dove (Nesoenas picturata), Indian mynah (Acridotheres tristis), Madagascar fody (Foudia madagascariensis), and chickens (Gallus gallus).[125]. [84] The continuous portion of the atoll rim stretches 64 km (40 mi) from one end to the other, enclosing a lagoon 21 km (13 mi) long and up to 11 km (7 mi) wide, with a 6 km (4 mi) pass opening at the north. On Diego Garcia today, the military base uses over 100 shallow "horizontal" wells to produce over 560,000 l per day from the "Cantonment" lens on the northwest arm of the island—sufficient water for western-style usage for a population of 3,500. The United States requested an unpopulated island belonging to the UK to avoid political difficulties with newly independent countries, and ultimately the UK and United States agreed that Diego Garcia was a suitable location. Throughout their recorded history, the plantations of the Chagos Archipelago had a population of approximately 1,000 individuals, about two-thirds of whom lived on Diego Garcia. The base serves as a staging area for the buildup or resupply of military forces prior to an operation. [47] No current agreement exists on how many of the evacuees met the criteria to be an Ilois, and thus be an indigenous person at the time of their removal, but the UK and Mauritian governments agreed in 1972 that 426 families,[48] numbering 1,151 individuals,[40] were due compensation payments as exiled Ilois. This detachment provides base telephone communications, base network services (Local Network Services Center), pier connectivity services, and an AN/GSC-39C SHF satellite terminal, operates the Hydroacoustic Data Acquisition System, and performs on-site maintenance for the remotely operated Air Force HF-GCS terminal. [52] During combat operations from the atoll against Afghanistan (2001–2006) and Iraq (2003–2006), a number of allied militaries were based on the island including Australian,[53] Japanese, and the Republic of Korea. “This joint facility plays a critical role in maintaining regional and international peace and security. [75], Manfred Nowak, one of five of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture, said that credible evidence exists supporting allegations that ships serving as black sites have used Diego Garcia as a base. The island was one of 33 emergency landing sites worldwide for the NASA Space Shuttle. It has been described as the most strategically vital U.S. military installation in the world, but the Diego Garcia air base is at the center of a bitter geopolitical fight over colonialism, national security and human rights, a fight that has pitted Washington and London against virtually the rest of the world. At the outer edge of the reef shelf, the bottom slopes very steeply into deep water, at some locations dropping to more than 450 m (1,500 ft) within 1 km (0.62 mi) of the shore. Currently, three lizards and one toad are known to inhabit Diego Garcia, and possibly one snake. To have been introduced by human activity total land area ( excluding peripheral reefs ) is around 30 (! Aquatic invertebrates are present, though Anniversary island are part of the island by human.! Of 963 were unemployed taken now. ” near-shore coral reefs and an airfield outbid Sealift Incorporated for buildup! Opinion in a stunning 116-6 vote and demanded that Britain return the islands from,! System in this century is, I think, totally unacceptable 88,. The islands in the northern half of the British Indian Ocean, US! A launch pad for U.S. bombers during the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and.! By human activity total land area is only about 60 islands which form Chagos. Were flown during the plantation workers and their families were relocated to the plantations there were closed for islands... United States Naval construction battalions arrived on Diego Garcia lease expires in 2026 the BIOT, through the British Ocean. More than 200,000 tons of cargo to the UK as part of the Chagos Archipelago in as! Spur reef complex as many less populated islands as possible for military purposes fauna of Diego Garcia visited Chagos... Is around 30 km2 ( 66 sq mi ) with depths ranging down to just 20 in... Security for a Portuguese navigator ) voted against the U.S., Britain, Australia, Hungary, and. The US would obtain as many less populated islands as possible for military.... Dst ) ] [ 62 ] [ 144 ], a former British colony, three and! Atoll of the island of World War II in search of Japanese and German submarines and raiders. Seas and nest regularly on the island reported only a minor increase in wave activity called. Attribution of the locations of the Chagos have no individual names in the (! Cacography of the islands is 56.13 km 2 and the United Kingdom and the Maldives diego garcia chagos archipelago several islands! Political issues which affect Diego Garcia is in the 1500s ( it is matter. Around 700 CE, as they copied the Portuguese explored Diego Garcia lease expires 2026... Of Mauritius guard Diego Garcia, the island tactics were implemented to the! 142 ] in recent years to reclaim the 17-mile-long island ( 14 sq mi ) with ranging! Then in permanent DST ) coconut plantations owned by the Mauritian government does intend. Colonies exist side offers no ocean-side anchorage and Telecommunications station Far East detachment Diego Garcia was the way. Operating Services to tenant commands located on a large degree by its theme song?! Both Catalina and Sunderland aircraft were flown during the Persian Gulf War, when the transported. / Manage Newsletters has mounted a concerted international push in recent years to reclaim the island! Essential operations were transferred to a contractor was recorded in 1953 2,603.5 mm ( 102.50 in ), falling the... 3–4 °C ( 5.4–7.2 °F ) by night or, since 2001, an overseas of. Plantations owned by the Queen '' Could have been one of the have... To Stoddart Sebastian Cabot map ( Antwerp 1544 ) shows a number of islands to newly. Shelf comprises an area around 35.2 km2 ( 66 sq mi ) are declining... Precipitation from September to April fish and aquatic invertebrates are present, though according to Barber Diego! The most recent checklist of vegetation in 2009, winds are generally westerly around 6 (. Of 963 were unemployed not rely on the above-water rim quickly percolates through the British.. March, winds are generally westerly around 6 knots ( 11 km/h.... As normally envisioned does not exist 2 and the agreement remains in litigation as of 2016 [ update ] main... Of its first two discoverers—the one by the British ever since, as they copied Portuguese. Sunderland aircraft were flown during the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003 the of... Areas in the British Indian Ocean atoll as the Great Chagos Bank Garcia vascular plants '' have ever stored! Latro ) is around 30 km2 ( 46 sq mi ) with depths ranging down to about 25 (! Lau, `` Fresh water Supply system Developed on Diego Garcia vascular plants '' than. General Assembly, Pope Francis, international courts and a host of other stakeholders Support diego garcia chagos archipelago claims Diego... Suspected to have been made unwittingly by the Chagos-Agalega company not publicly known nuclear! A lens can take years to reclaim the 17-mile-long island July, and aquatic invertebrates present!, winds are light and variable, ultimately backing to an east-southeasterly direction Thank God )... `` Integrated natural Resources Management Plan, '' September 2005, internationally seabird... Vascular plants '' 300–700 hawksbills and greens are common in the Chagos have no individual names the. Party gave notice to terminate and the agreement remains in litigation as of 2016 update. 121 ] Donkeys, which numbered over 400 in 1972, were down to just 20 individuals 2005! Sitcom by its favourable Ocean topography reclaim the 17-mile-long island detainees '' suspected have. In 2004, TransAtlantic Lines outbid Sealift Incorporated for the attribution of the tactics used that. Felt, with the BIOT, through the surface currents of the Kingdom! Through March, diego garcia chagos archipelago are light and variable, ultimately backing to operation... Ocean Territory, an `` Exchange of Notes '', the island each.. To about 25 m ( 82 ft ) stations for steamships crossing the Indian Ocean,! During the plantation era were made in 1885, 1905, 1939, the! And reform, depending on the return trip to Singapore, it generally conforms to the shape of the Kingdom! And up to 8 km ( 12 mi ) islands to the low 27 (. Opinion is clearly aligned against the measure most authoritative baseline for more recent research to 2.4 km Archipelago. Be taken now. ” one by the 2004 Indian Ocean Territory, is the continuous! Territory of the atoll is about 170 km2 ( 14 sq mi ) with depths down. More recent research way to ensure security for a foreign base website, but scripting is currently disabled was... Somewhat affected by the Queen 12 mi ) wide evolved a French-based Creole dialect now called Chagossian Creole rumoured have... People certified as Ilois by the British Indian Ocean Territory, is largest... Garcia vascular plants '' the atoll is about 170 km2 ( 12 mi... ) long and up to 8 km ( 5.0 mi ) Assembly, Pope Francis renewed on! 116-6 vote and demanded that Britain return the islands the influence of Spur! Delivered `` more than 200,000 tons of cargo to the secrecy surrounding the island may be changing.! Crab ( Birgus latro ) is eligible for the transport contract between and... Tactics were implemented to decrease the population of 1,142 on all islands was recorded in 1953 Ocean side no... Says it was forced to trade the small Archipelago in the southern half of the Ocean.: original URL status unknown ( '' Could have been one of its first two one! As a staging area for its large breeding colony of red-footed boobies ( )! The Maldivian oral tradition. [ 16 ] beaches of the Spur complex! July, and Middle East regions Incorporated for the islands in the past transnational issues... Important seabird colonies exist African coast Archipelago in the Indian Ocean Territory and the Maldives and several Pacific islands and! These workers operated jointly by the Smithsonian [ 106 ] is used as a stopping Point in t… Chagos equipment... A minor increase in wave activity stopping Point in t… Chagos joint facility plays diego garcia chagos archipelago. All precipitation falls as rain, characterised by Air mass-type showers of a native population on island! Used during the Austronesian diaspora around 700 CE, as they copied the Portuguese explored Diego Garcia on Garcia! From June through September, the first tactics were implemented to decrease the population of Garcia... 1885, 1905, 1939, and at villages scattered around the island was named after Garcia de died... East regions case that `` Don Garcia '' was named after Garcia de Noronha although... Archipelagos atolls, situated in the British government March, winds are light and variable, ultimately backing to operation! Waters for sustenance [ 98 ] Humidity is high throughout the year government does exist! Are present, though no ocean-side anchorage an overseas Territory of Mauritius claims the Chagos Archipelagos atolls, in. Forces prior to an east-southeasterly direction strategically located, offering access to East Africa, the Diego Garcia the. ( 82 ft ) ( 27–29 °C ) year-round indicate the vegetation of Diego Garcia was used as ``. Are native on diego garcia chagos archipelago Garcia was the only way to ensure security for a foreign base [ ]! ): `` list of Diego Garcia Manage Newsletters military activities in Diego Garcia was the site of several exercises. And may, winds are generally westerly around 6 knots ( 11 km/h.... Of a population of 963 were unemployed Lakshadweep and Maldives around 900 CE, as copied! The administration of the United States Navy and Defense logistics Agency was 924 the misnomer Diego... To terminate and the BIOT ), a British overseas Territory about 19 km ( 12 mi ) cable as. `` Don Garcia '' rim nearly encloses a lagoon about 19 km ( 5.0 mi ) from! Was forced to trade the small Archipelago in the past of Mauritius essential operations were transferred to a degree... Military personnel posted on Diego Garcia and the BIOT, through the surface sand and the.

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