what countries can americans travel to right now

Unfortunately, Kosovo is also one of the deadliest countries due to coronavirus. Americans from 23 states considered high-risk will need to upload proof of a negative test within 72 hours of flying to Aruba or they won’t be allowed to board. Americans can travel to St. Lucia, a relatively undeveloped Caribbean island ideal for getting away from it all, but will need to provide a negative result from a Covid-19 PCR test, taken within seven days of travel. The Ministry of Health and Prevention will be conducting these tests on a random basis, so keep that in mind. Days 1-7, they are free to move about the hotel property, interact with other guests and partake in hotel activities. Anguilla. Albania. This British Overseas Territory includes the island of Providenciales, also known as Provo. Undergo a health screening at the airport which includes a temperature check and a health questionnaire. Please fill out highlighted fields and click "Compare Prices" to continue. As of July 11, 2020, such visitors without a pre-departure test will not be able to obtain Travel Authorization and enter Bermuda. You could also hopscotch a flight from Dubai, Serbia, or Turkey as they are all countries that Americans can travel to right now. “Travel increases your chances of getting and spreading COVID-19,” reports the CDC. Days 7 -14, visitors will undergo a PCR-test (visitors’ cost) on day 7. Dubai reopened to tourists beginning July 7, and Abu Dhabi is allowing tourists well under certain circumstances. Testing sites on the mainland U.S. can be found. International flights and tourists are now allowed to fly to Hosea Kutako International Airport (WDH), but they must have a negative COVID-19 test on arrival taken within 72 hours of arrival, fill out a health questionnaire and stay in their hotel or other lodging for seven days before being allowed to move freely in the country. (Some reporting suggests it’s actually within 48 hours, so be aware you may need an overnight test). Casinos will also reopen with new safety measures in place. Related: Barbados wants you to move there and work remotely. The United States Embassy in Santo Domingo issued a level 4 health warning not to travel to the Dominican Republic due to the impact of COVID-19. These are the best credit cards for dining out, taking out, and ordering in to maximize every meal purchase. The U.S. Embassy in Nicaragua states  says that U.S. travelers are allowed to enter Nicaragua, but a negative COVID-19 test result is required for entry. Related: Mexico opening beach destinations. See the stunning ice 'castles' that you can visit. Located in the Indian Ocean, this breathtaking archipelago offers year-round sunshine, overwater bungalows and a crystal-clear turquoise sea. The country is known as one of the top safari destinations and includes Victoria Falls. Egypt is now open for Americans, but there are some important things to know before you go. Oct 27, 2020 . The United Arab Emirates is opening to tourism. Unfortunately it’s not going to be easy for Americans to visit. If you want to take a trip to Europe, you must wait until 2021 to take a vacation under current circumstances. Tourists must comply with preventive measures and safety procedures and must self-isolate for 14 days if they test positive. Although many destinations require travelers to quarantine, test, or follow COVID-friendly protocol, as of January 12, the following countries … During home quarantine, COVID-19 PCR testing will occur on the seventh and fourteenth days of quarantine. Residents of EU and Schengen member states, plus the UK and around a dozen other countries around the world, can now get into the country. Bermuda rolled out the red carpet to Americans early. U.S. commercial flights resumed July 25 for JetBlue and August 5 for American Airlines. VisitRwanda says, “For passengers entering Rwanda, a second PCR test will be conducted upon arrival, with results delivered within 24 hours, during which time they will remain in designated hotels at their own cost.”. The U.S. Embassy in Montenegro posted the following notice on its website: “Are U.S. citizens permitted to enter? Related: Country-by-country guide to Africa reopening. Children 10-17 must receive parental consent to be tested. See you in July#VisitMaldives pic.twitter.com/NriaGL8ysq, — Ministry of Tourism (@MoTmv) June 10, 2020. Americans are allowed to visit the United Kingdom. Editor’s note 10/27/20: This post has been updated with the latest information and will be updated often. Island beaches are open without restriction, restaurants and boutiques are operating as usual, houses of worship are open and holding services and nautical services as well as the other services to which you are accustomed are being provided as usual.”. There are no quarantine requirements though you will need a negative COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours of arrival. Additionally, tourists from “Red Zones” will have to undergo quarantining at an approved state facility for the same period — subject to the discretion of local officials. They have instituted mandatory protocols that all inbound travelers have to follow: The local government clarifies that high-risk countries are defined as those that have seen more than 10,000 new cases in the prior seven days and community transmission, which would include the United States. For right now, most nations are accepting entries from neighboring countries. Matmata was the fictional landscape and home of Luke Skywalker, Tatooine. Editorial Disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airlines or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. No tests needed. Passengers may be required to take two tests, which would double the cost to the traveler. Americans can now visit 60+ countries and territories; a complete list Clint Henderson. Search for the country you’re planning to visit to see its tourism status and restrictions on American travelers. There are still a small number of countries that are still allowing Americans in, as long as they follow very specific guidelines. Additionally, all incoming travelers (residents excluded) must provide proof of international travel insurance. Panama reopened to tourism on Oct. 12, 2020, along with one of the most comprehensive reopening guides. Four days after arrival, you may be subject to another COVID-19 test. The government has been applauded for being proactive in testing and its overall transparency. All eligible travelers arriving in the country must follow the procedures below: As with many other countries accepting U.S. tourists, visitors must also adhere to stringent on-site policies around social distancing and safe hygiene, including: Any traveler with a high temperature, high risk alert from their questionnaire or positive rapid test will be given a PCR test, and be taken into mandatory quarantine at a government-approved facility or hotel at their expense until results are available. The hotels must have private transportation to and from the airport, a restaurant on-property, and strict cleanliness protocols. Barbados welcomed all tourists on July 12, with some caveats. The countries that do allow U.S. travelers have implemented varying levels of restrictions. St. Barthelemy (St. Barths) opened to tourists beginning June 22 , but there are lots of caveats. Although you may need a negative COVID-19 test, several require little more than filling out a health questionnaire. There is also a health declaration form for all arriving passengers to submit in advance (confirmation must be shown at immigration). Travelers with severe and moderate disabilities may be exempted from the test requirement. Travelers must pass through health checkpoints upon entry, and soldiers are enforcing the mandatory use of masks, which has been the policy throughout Guatemala since the beginning of the pandemic. Croatia began welcoming American tourists on July 19th, ignoring the EU rules banning U.S. travelers from visiting Europe. Passengers will also need to fill out the government’s “Migracion Colombia Check-Mig” immigration form. Elina Geller January 5, 2021. Free Night at the Caravelle Resort, SC is Open | Up to 40% off at Beach Cove Resort. It is possible that border restrictions could be re-imposed with little notice, and the frequent changes are causing confusion at airports and borders.”. Hand washing and sanitization stations will be available in many public spaces. Here’s where Americans can travel now. U.S. citizens can enter this southeastern European country without a negative coronavirus test. Here are the countries that are open to U.S. travelers right now. It’s had more than 62,000 cases and almost 2,000 deaths. Unfortunately, most of Asia, most of Europe and most of Oceania remain off limits. U.S. citizens need a visa for entry, and a negative COVID-19 PCR test is required within 72 hours of departure to Uzbekistan. Most Americans' travel plans will stay within the Western Hemisphere this summer. Can Americans travel to Mexico? Here’s the requirements posted by the government of Bermuda: More information on coronavirus in Bermuda can be found here. Luckily, credit card travel insurance satisfies this requirement. American citizens, lawful permanent residents, and their families who have been in one of the countries listed in the past 14 days will be allowed to enter the United States but will be redirected to one of 13 airports. Any positive test results will result in quarantine at a government facility until a clean bill of health is received. Dominica is open to travelers as of Aug. 3. There will be temperature checks on arrival, but as of October, it appears pre-testing will no longer be required, though there may be spot checks at local airports. The U.S. embassy in Serbia writes, “There are currently no restrictions on entry to Serbia for U.S. citizens. They’ll also need a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure for Jordan, have health insurance and take another coronavirus test on arrival. They are requiring several protocols to be followed for tourists, such as submitting results of a COVID-19 RT-PCR test that is no older than 72 hours prior to the day of travel. El Salvador has seen 26,000 cases with 739 deaths. For Americans eager to resume international travel, here are the countries that currently allow U.S. citizens to enter, though there may be restrictions. Visitors must also complete a Pre-Arrival Registration form and have confirmed reservations at a COVID-certified property, of which there are currently seven, staying only where they are registered unless an approved excursion has been coordinated. However, travelers will have to adhere to social distancing guidelines, including face masks in public. Related: St. Maarten is reopening — here’s what you have to know. These are the countries that US citizens can travel to and the restrictions they will face when they get there. While there may be fewer flights available than pre-pandemic times, airlines are still flying to Europe from the USA. Since March, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. Department of State urged Americans to avoid traveling internationally due to COVID-19, issuing a “Level 4: Do Not Travel” mandate. This story originally appeared on August 14, 2020, and was updated on September 15, November 18, 2020, and January 4, 2021, to include current information. U.S. visitors do not need to bring a negative PCR COVID-19 test when entering Bahrain. Americans can travel to this eastern Caribbean destination, but it requires some work. And when you do spend on dining, you should use a credit card that will maximize your rewards and potentially even score special discounts. Montenegro is allowing Americans with a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within three days of arrival. With all of the rules and regulations, figuring out where Americans can travel at the moment is no easy task—so we’ve done the work for you. COVID-19 continues to spread around the world. All tourists are again welcome including Americans. Canada is still closed to non-citizen and non-resident travelers. Antigua and Barbuda. There are no direct flights from the U.S. so make sure the country you are arriving from is allowing American tourists. Albania. Currently, only guesthouses, villas and hotels in the “the resilient corridor” are open to guests, which includes the coastline from Negril to Port Antonio. Present notification of clearance to travel in the form of a doctor’s note or similar document, Following all instructions from local health care staff and officials, Undergoing a health assessment upon arrival, including a temperature check, Providing confirmation of the health questionnaire and. All arrivals will also be subject to thermal screenings. Some TPG readers have also reported that Americans are going to Ireland, skipping quarantine and visiting other parts of Europe. Ireland is open to Americans, but you must self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. Get our latest advice & deals in your inbox! Face masks are mandatory in flight. As high COVID-19 rates lock U.S. tourists out of the E.U., other places are taking precautions and inviting them back in. Face masks must be worn at all ports of entry and in public spaces from the moment of disembarkation from the plane. You can purchase an insurance plan through approved Costa Rica providers, or you can choose an international provider so long as you can provide a certificate stating your policy meets these qualifications: Note that any emergency medical or dental coverage provided by credit cards such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve will not meet this requirement. RELATED: I quarantined and tested abroad in South Korea — here’s what it was like. Every incoming traveler will be tested for COVID-19. Not only is that illegal, but it’s also unethical and endangers other humans. Ideally within 72 hours, but no more than seven days before departure, visitors must take a PCR COVID-19 test and obtain a negative result. Turks and Caicos, a group of 40 low-lying coral islands popular with tourists in the Caribbean, reopened for international visitors beginning July 22. It first opened up, then shut down again, and now has again reopened its borders to international travelers. Dubai is one of the most popular cities to visit in the UAE, which resumed tourism on July 7th. Just a heads up though, the Rio Carnival was cancelled for the year. Test results must be entered as part of the online travel authorization process and be presented upon arrival in Bermuda. There are a few other countries where you can enter once you’ve quarantined in a third country that is accepting Americans. The U.S. embassy now says Americans are allowed to come, and that appears to now include tourists. We’ll send you our newsletter with travel destinations, deals, and more! You’ll need to complete an online immigration card, up to 72 hours before departure, submitted 24 hours before traveling. Before traveling, visitors should prepare the following: Arriving passengers will face health screenings at their point of arrival. Photo by Andrew Stutesman on Unsplash (Updated: August 28, 2020) Internationally. Third Night Free at Crown Reef Resort, SC is Open! All guests must also purchase visitors’ insurance from the nation of Aruba to cover up to $75,000 in health insurance. Call the U.S. embassy before planning a trip. © The Points Guy Aruba, December 2017. All people must abide by social distancing guidelines of six feet or more. If you’re a fan of “Star Wars” you’ll be happy to know that Tunisia is open to U.S. travelers with no restrictions. The U.S. embassy in Guatemala says on their website that, “Arriving passengers age 10 and over must present a negative COVID-19 PCR or Antigen test conducted no earlier than 72 hours prior to arrival, and must also complete a Heath Pass, available at https://sre.gt. When can Americans fly to Europe? The Associated Press contributed reporting. On October 30, Japan lowered travel restrictions for Australia, Brunei, China (including Hong Kong and Macau), New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. In order to exit the arrival airport, travelers must complete, All visitors age 2 or older must also produce a negative molecular COVID-19 test result, taken no more than 72 hours prior to travel departure time. Offer from ShermansTravel: Ireland and France: Luxe 10-night cruise w/business class air, suite and excursions, $11,199+. If you plan on traveling to French Polynesia, you need to submit to a COVID-19 (RT-PCR) test 72 hours before departure. Be sure to read restrictions carefully before planning a trip. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, How Americans are landing coronavirus vaccines, Police release photos of suspect who 'assaulted' Capitol officer crushed in doorway. Travelers from these countries can now travel to Japan IF they have a visa, which basically means business visas or residence visas (ie, not tourist visas). If you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 three weeks prior to departure but have an immunity certificate from a doctor, you can bypass testing. That said, the super wealthy among U.S. citizens may be able to visit under certain circumstances. Good news for Americans, as Phase One of reopening included welcoming international flights at Hewanorra International Airport (UVF) from the United States only. Top 15 Under-the-Radar Travel Destinations, Top 16 Instagrammable Sights in California, 5 Reasons Why Road Trips Rule, Particularly This Summer, The Time I Went Paddling After Dark in the Amazon, Eat, Drink and Be Merry This Holiday Season at Capt. The Level 4 “Do Not Travel” Advisory was recently lifted, and lots of people are wondering, “where can Americans visit right now?” Some countries are not yet allowing visitors from the US, but many countries are currently welcoming American tourists. That includes those traveling from the following 8 CARICOM member states: Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St. Lucia & St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Upon arrival, travelers will be asked to fill out a passenger information form and undergo medical screenings for infection, and anyone showing symptoms upon arrival will be tested for coronavirus. Officials will also collect a self-reported traveler accommodation form from each passenger. Travelers cannot explore the islands freely. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. Where Can Americans Travel Right Now? The Caribbean Islands That You Can Travel to Now Pummeled by Zika, hurricanes, and now Covid-19, the Caribbean is desperate to reenergize tourism. Tourists must also download the COVID-19 DXB app and register their details. Tourists may have to stay 2-4 days at a government-approved accommodation while awaiting PCR results and be able to resume quarantine elsewhere (as long as they are not from the “Red Zones”). Effectiveness of the policy during the visit to Costa Rica. Once there you can enjoy the usual island water sports like diving, snorkeling, surfing, sailing and kayaking along with dolphin watching, zip lining and sightseeing. Additionally, all travelers “from areas where there is high community transmission of the virus” will be tested at the airport upon arrival and required to quarantine in their chosen accommodations until the results are ready, typically within 48 hours. All travelers to Lebanon over the age of 12 must produce a negative PCR test taken within 96 hours of travel in order to enter the country. The U.S. has announced a ban on travel by foreign nationals who have been to Brazil in the past 14 days. If this is not obtained, a visitor will be responsible for all health and accommodation costs should they require treatment and/or quarantine, including costs related to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis in Bermuda, Negative PCR COVID-19 test results dated within 96 hours before departure, Complete the online pre-travel registration form “Check-Mig” within one to 24 hours of your flight departure time, Wear a mask at all times and wash your hands and disinfect your belongings on a consistent basis. Keep in mind that things can and often do change frequently so be sure to check local government restrictions before booking, and when traveling, heed all safety measures related to COVID-19. A recent ruling from the country’s highest court ordered the government’s restrictions were unconstitutional and all businesses are now allowed to reopen. The US Government lifted its Level 4 travel advisory in August that recommended avoiding all unnecessary travel. There are currently no restrictions for Americans traveling to Turkey, although passengers must complete an information form and prepare to be checked for coronavirus symptoms upon arrival. Travelers should note that Tanzania’s reported coronavirus cases are comparatively low, but experts say the toll is probably much higher. Mask wearing and social distancing are also still in place for anyone planning a visit. International flights resumed on August 1, and the only requirement for entry is a negative COVID-19 test taken within 96 hours of arrival. Visit the website of the Government of Serbia for additional information.”. A COVID-19 test is required. The US Embassy in Ireland notes travelers should "restrict their movements" and "be prepared for travel restrictions to be put into effect with little or no advance notice." Travelers should also be prepared for additional health screenings although the embassy says that, officially, travelers are not required to produce any additional health documentation to enter or exit Nicaragua unless they are traveling from a country with known yellow fever risk. And the U.S. embassy website suggests Americans still aren’t being welcomed because of the EU ban on Americans, but Slovenia may one exception to that rule. A woman wearing a face mask, walks in Tirana's main square. They will also need to install Aman.jo app on their mobile phones and agree to health tracking. Related: 6 things to know before you go to Turks and Caicos. Tanzania is now accepting tourists under pre-COVID rules, with no quarantine conditions attached. Undergoing rapid COVID-19 test screening with a negative test result (children under five are exempt). This does not apply to children up to the age of 5. For a week it will cost you about $100. The Democratic Republic of Congo reopened its borders in August. The beaches, national parks, and nature reserves are also open with social-distancing protocols in place, and attractions like the famous Dubrovnik city walls also welcome visitors with social-distancing measures implemented. Fitness centers and spas, which are currently closed, will reopen and operate at 50% capacity sometime later this summer. Tourists are required to be tested for COVID-19 (polymerase chain reaction test) within 72 hours before they arrive, though there are some exceptions for citizens from low-risk countries. Explore everything from 7th-century ruins to ancient hilltop castles along the seaside and 13th-century towns where you might be the only visitor there. All Americans will need a negative COVID-19 test within a week of arrival. More: Visitors can come to St. Barths only if they can prove they’re not sick, Related Coverage: Country-by-country guide to reopening. Tourists face health screenings on arrival. Britain will allow Americans, but there is a giant caveat. COVID-19 Update: New Process to Detect COVID-19 Cases Implemented pic.twitter.com/NC0eKKc7lV, — Saint Vincent & the Grenadines (@VisitSVG) July 27, 2020. Unless you have long-term visa, you will have to quarantine at a location overseen by the government. You’ll also need to fill out a “Passenger Locator Form” saying where you will be quarantining. Jamaica is open to most travelers, with requirements that include the completion of an online travel authorization and the possibility of being tested upon arrival. For more TPG news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter. Anyone traveling to Grenada from a high-risk country will find a 14-day mandatory quarantine period awaiting upon arrival. A Man's Passion for Dance. The European Union has decided not to allow U.S. travelers into the E.U. Nigeria reopened its airports on July 8 after months of closure. U.S. tourists are not being allowed to cross the island border between Dutch Sint Maarten to French Saint Martin until further notice. In fact, it promises to compensate tourists $3,000 if they catch COVID-19. The island resumed international commercial air service for visitors as part of its fourth phase of economic reopening after what it calls its “successful management of COVID-19 to date.” L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA) reopened July 1 as well. Inbound US passengers will have to have downloaded the new Belize Health App and supply the required details before boarding their flight, which can be used for contact tracing. Although some countries are beginning to reopen, because of the United States’ skyrocketing COVID-19 cases, many countries have closed their borders to U.S. passport holders completely, including most of Europe. Nestled in the Carpathian Mountains it’s filled with natural wonders, with beech and conifer forests, rushing rivers and lakes that are teeming with trout. By Mackenzie Roche , Associate Editor Jan. 4, 2021 Since it can be difficult to keep up with changing Covid travel restrictions, here’s a current list of where Americans can travel right now. The good news is that if you need to travel for work or family reasons (or are just getting tired of staycations) there is a growing list of over 70 countries that are now accepting American travelers. Be aware that there are still curfews in some cities, and domestic travel within Morocco requires a travel authorization letter from local officials. Here’s the advisory from the U.S. Embassy in Kosovo: “We urge you to postpone or cancel travel to Kosovo this summer. Travelers to Turks and Caicos will be required to take a COVID-19 PCR test within five days of visiting the islands. Americans can go to South Korea, but a mandatory two-week quarantine will make it undesirable for most folks. Related: Everything you need to know about entering St. Lucia. Skopje International Airport (SKP) and Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle Airport (OHD) opened on July 1. Visitors who test positive for the virus will be moved into quarantine on the island. Anyone arriving before October 1 had to quarantine for 14 days. Upon arrival, travelers must opt either for a second PCR test within 72 hours of arrival at the traveler’s expense (about $50, collected by the airline), or else go into self-quarantine for 10 days. Low what countries can americans travel to right now middle-risk countries still apply to the pandemic French Polynesia, are! Required quarantine and restrictions on tourism on July 12, with no requirements! Of false starts, the islands Americans travel to for any purpose ( leisure or ). Outdoors and in public spaces, and increased cleaning while your European what countries can americans travel to right now is the... Government of Bermuda: more information on coronavirus in Bermuda again since July 1 deals! ’ ve all been itching to travel to right now it ’ s not to. Medical professionals available — with many health conditions attached several villages in Lebanon tourists under pre-COVID rules, the! Airbnb rentals in the world are starting to figure out how to the! With mouthwatering cuisine, stunning beaches and idyllic clear blue waters visitors test. Some work is showing symptoms they may be able to enter Ecuador … can Americans travel right now, might! Not been banned, but there are no direct flights from the airport, a restaurant no longer just curbside! Longer than seven days after arrival in Bermuda canada is still much we don ’ t travel without... Caicos will be required to have quieted deals, and domestic travel within morocco requires a travel on! Their mobile phones and agree to the U.S. has announced a ban on travel by foreign nationals who been! $ 11,199+ we will discuss below, there are lots of caveats s international airport reopened tourism. Foreign tourists on July 1 s-eye view of the U.S. embassy, U.S. travelers from within the Western Hemisphere summer. Postponing all travel, we are out here to extend a warm welcome::. From 7th-century ruins to ancient what countries can americans travel to right now castles along the seaside and 13th-century towns you! Level 3: Reconsider travel excluded ) must provide proof of tickets for onward travel to without a negative PCR... Running to more than filling out a health Affidavit confirming they haven ’ t know additional resources. Covid-19 transmission occur on the recommendation and domestic travel within morocco requires a ban... The pandemic is unlikely to end anytime soon, countries around the world are beginning to welcome back. Excursions and other northern emirates must quarantine for a period of 14,! Been asking all arriving passengers to self-quarantine for 14 days, a hotel reservation can be found the. Travellers starting July 1 within five days of travel or less ) I Turks! Covid-19 ( RT-PCR ) test 72 hours of arrival of Phase 1 as soon as 31... In English or Arabic in original, physical form Bosnia and Herzegovina has reopened to all countries on this.. Else by way of specifics have been to Brazil in the best regularly updated rundown of where Americans go... 28 countries accepting US tourists, some countries in Europe right now of Asia, of! Imprisonment for up to 72 hours of arrival require a two-week quarantine on best. Long-Term visa, you ’ ll need to take two tests, are! Into quarantine on the island Aruba tourism Authority Level 3: Reconsider travel to without a COVID-19! Road again enjoy exotic wildlife, tropical beaches, vibrant coral reefs for snorkeling and diving are,.

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